• To Our Valued Customers

It might seem that the fastest way to contact us, is to call us. The fact is the fastest response and the best way to contact our technical team is to email Since we could be on the phone and we might check our messages in intervals of half an hour to an hour. On the other hand, emails sent to support are visible immediately to all technicians and dispatchers and also on mobile phones. Off course you can always call 818.240.9569.
You can also browse through our case studies. Visit our case studies.

  • Things to do before calling us

  • Restart the computer if possible. To restart a non responding computer, press the power switch for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Check all network cables if the problem is connectivity.
  • Restart power on switches and or routers.
  • If the internet is down, restart the DSL or the internet modem. Call the internet supplier phone or cable company, there could be a service outage in your area.
  • Check all power cables and battery power units. If the battery backup unit is not responding, plug the computer/monitor/printer/router to the wall plug direct.
  • Do not try to run hard drive utilities like defragmentation on any suspect machine.
  • On any server problems, the best thing to do is to contact us before doing anything. Servers are different than regular computers and they must be handled differently.

  • Things to keep on hand case of system problems
  • A list of user names and passwords in a safe place
  • List of phone numbers of all vendors of IT services and equipment
  • Save at one location and organized all IT documentation and software CD/DVD's and licenses
  • A map or blueprint of office space and cabling diagrams

Contact Us For all technical solutions

Address: Burbank, California
Phone: 877-248-2676 or 877-2IT-AMPM