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Free 24/7 IT Managed Services? YES! Hassle

Choose one of our managed service solutions and enjoy an efficient and hassle free IT environment.

  • Platinum Service

Covers everything, software, hardware, select Microsoft Licenses.

  • Gold Service

Covers all labor onsite and offsite.
  • Silver Service

Full remote management.
  • Bronze Service

System security and connection management
  • What does itAMPM™ mean?

Our itAMPM™ also known as Information Technology, Asset Management and Preventative Maintenance is a phrase we wittingly coined that very appropriately outlines our most fundamental objectives of our MMP offering.

it = Information Technology

AM = Asset Management which also symbolizes Daytime is a collection of key assets within the company such as serial numbers of pc, monitors, printers, phones as well as accountability of software licenses to prevent theft and fraud. Our executive report which lists your assets and inventory feature valuable to businesses especially if you should experience a loss, theft, fire, etc.

PM = Preventative Maintenance which also could mean Nighttime is a carefully constructed and verified series of tools and services running 24/7. Designed to detect early warnings on pc’s and servers especially those which are business critical such as primary servers, backups, internet connections and more reduce untimely system outages and avoid unforeseen financial burdens.

Like its name AM/PM, these features run day and night to protect your equipment, maintain your system functionality and data integrity.

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