How will your business survive a complete data loss?
Will your business recover from a server crash?

A complete solution that addresses all your BCP (Business Continuity Planning) requirements:

  • Near Real-Time Backups
  • On-site Virtual Server
  • A Complete Image
  • Intuitive and Flexible Restoration
  • Secure Remote Storage
  • Secure, Bandwidth Throttling Transfer
  • 24x7 Completely Managed Solution
  • Affordable Cost

  • Our Platinum Service incorporates everything, including computer hardware. YES, you will get new computers and servers and cover their management and maintenance for a low monthly fee. This service requires a 3 year signed contract with a down payment. We cover everything; hardware, Microsoft operating system and Microsoft Office software licenses and full service management and maintenance. Call/Email for an estimate.

    Our Virtualized Servers and Desktops reduces overall IT maintenance costs, increases equipment efficiency and simplifies desktop backup and employee moves. Call or email us for an indepth review of your IT system and recommendation on how virtualization can help streamline your computing environment.

    We have different Managed Service offerings (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) with graduating levels of support. Our team of technical specialists can help you decide which is a good fit for your IT needs.

    Preventive Maintenance and Asset Management Provider

    Information Technology Managed Service ProviderWe offer comprehensive IT management solutions for businesses looking to streamline their IT maintenance. Our contracts cover proactive workstation, server remote management and overall I.T. preemptive maintenance. Our systems protect internet connectivity, emails and increase employee productivity. We also offer an onsite/offsite tapeless backup solution. A backup environment that protects server data locally with an option to upload encrypted server images to two offsite locations. Full service contracts are available, allowing companies to have a set I.T. budget and give the computing environment maximum uptime.

    Offsite and Onsite Backup Solution Provider

    Online and Offline Backup and Disaster Recovery SolutionsA recent Study discovered that , of companies experiencing a "major loss" of computer records, 43 percent never re-opened, 51 percent closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6 percent survived over the long-term. For small and medium sized businesses (SMB's) in particular, there statistics suggest the necessity of crafting a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution. Since SMBs cannot afford in-house solutions on service of BCP, they are at an elevated risk of being put out of business due to major loss of data. We offer the the most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery set of solutions in the marketplace. (read more..)

    Ask us about our virtualized IT environment products and services. The future is here.
    10 Reasons to Virtualize Your Desktop Environment

    1) Date Security: Data never leaves the data center and ports on the thin client devices can be enabled or disabled
    2) Simplified employee moves: The desktop is virtual, so desktops no longer need to be moved. The employee will just use a thin client already placed in the destination cube.
    3) Minimized Latency on fat clients: Fat client applications transfer data from the server over the WAN to the client. Clients in the virtual desktop world will be running on the server within the data center using the same data center LAN, so latency will be reduced and applications will run faster.
    4) Smaller carbon footprint: The servers used to virtualize the desktops will use less power than the equivalent number of desktops, including cooling.

    5) Accessibility: Desktops are accessible from any Internet connection in the world.
    6) Easier management: Since all the desktops are in the same place (the data center), dispatching technicians to fix a server or storage is much easier and requires fewer resources.
    7) Desktop backups are easy: Backing up data on PCs is almost impossible to do over a LAN/WAN. But in the virtual world, all of the data is in the data center and can be backed up to a storage area network very easily.
    8) Reduced costs: Total cost of ownership is lower.
    9) Durability: Most thin client devices have no moving parts so there is nothing to break or wear out. As a result, they last twice as long as traditional desktop computers.
    10) Higher productivity: Employees won't be waiting to get their computer fixed or waiting for their computer to be delivered to their workplace. It will be running in the virtual environment and available when needed.
    We recommend email services from...
    • Email defense
    • Web defense
    • Message archiving
    • Email disaster recovery

    Our name represents our service
    it = Information Technology
    AM = Asset Management which also symbolizes Daytime is a collection of key assets within the company such as serial numbers of pc, monitors, printers, phones as well as accountability of software licenses to prevent theft and fraud. Our executive report which lists your assets and inventory feature valuable to businesses especially if you should experience a loss, theft, fire, etc.
    PM = Preventative Maintenance which also could mean Nighttime is a carefully constructed and verified series of tools and services running 24/7. Designed to detect early warnings on pc’s and servers especially those which are business critical such as primary servers, backups, internet connections and more reduce untimely system outages and avoid unforeseen financial burdens.

    Choose from one of our tiered managed service solution:
    1. Bronze - Basic [Full Security]
    2. Silver - Advanced [Bronze + Paid monitoring]
    3. Gold - Premium [Silver + Fixed contract]
    4. Platinum - Total Care [Gold + Hardware]

    Call us to get a clear understanding of how our services can reduce downtime, improve employee efficiency, protect your data and control your IT expenditure.


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